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Starting operations in 1988 with the vacuum forming technology and then moving towards the compressed air forming technology in the late 1990’s and cold-form technology in the 2000’s, adapting technology to meet the ever growing challenges in the field of pharmaceuticals packaging of oral solid doses has been the core focus and strength of ELMACH. Staying abreast of the latest technical advances in blister packaging technology and development in packaging materials have resulted in the creation of a highly versatile and robust gamut of blister packing machines offering outputs ranging from 16 blisters per minute to 600 blisters per minute. The user-friendliness and the cost efficacy of these machines highlight the fact that ELMACH has its finger on the pulse of the needs and necessities of the customers.

Shrinking Geographical borders with Technology

ELMACH’s philosophy of introducing and offering most advanced technology to meet the needs of the packaging industry has initiated technical tie-ups with market leaders worldwide. These tie-ups serve a synergetic bond between ELMACH and the best in class technology providers worldwide. In the year 2018, we won the Excellence in Packaging Machinery Award at India Packaging Awards, for our bestseller Blister Pack Machine. EPI- 3015 PDA. This model, in addition to having excellent quality, gives output of maximum 420 blisters per minute. We launched the coveted BLISTER NEXT concept by incorporating Augmented Reality into Blister Pack Machine.

ELMACH partners with WEIPACK Packaging Group, Germany and IWK Germany, for Cartoning Machines. The needs of the customers to shift towards automated packaging lines ushered in the collaboration with Weipack Packaging Group, Germany, for blister cartoning machines. Manufactured in India under technical license from the parent company, ELMACH’S WKH-100 (Blister Cartoning Machine) and WKH-100 B (Bottle cartooning Machine and Tube Cartoning Machine.) have set new benchmarks in flexible and short run batches. We have launched the continues motion Cartoning Machine WKH-300 ULTIMA and servo-driven high- speed Blister/ Bottle Cartoning Machines HC5 and CPR 200 in Collaboration with IWK Germany. This emphasizes ELMACH’S philosophy of continues technical development to keep up with the growing needs of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Similar technology tie-up with MERZ,Germany for fully automatic stickpack machine for the production of all stickpacks sizes and designs, including longitudinal seal set to side or three –side sealed bags and VALMATIC Italy, for monodose blister machines catering to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, specialized containers for osmotic membranes with barrier walls, double-valve blisters and speciality packing for the veterinary sector.

These technology tie-ups have resulted in high quality European and American machines augmenting ELMACH’S comprehensive range of blister pack machines.

The vision to aspire, the courage to dream and the conviction to lead.

Cutting edge expertise and lateral thinking juxtaposed with use of advanced engineering technology, processes, machining capability and fully-equipped Quality Control give ELMACH, a high degree of refinement essential for high-quality machine-building. Setting a trend needs research and monitoring of the market pulse. ELMACH, with its self-motivated team, empowered by experience and prudence, plans to implement new technology, upgrade the existing machines and create new trends in packaging.

The increasing customer needs for packaging of oral solid doses in both blisters and bottles, led us to acquisition of AYLWARD ENTERPRISES, the world leaders in High-Speed Blister-Feeders and Bottle Fillers. AYLWARD ENTERPRISES, USA and GERMANY are now an Integral part of ELMACH. With our manufacturing and after sales service sites at New Bern North Carolina (USA) and Riedlingen (Germany) after sales service will now be quicker and easier.

ELMACH’S growth and development are dominated by its responsive approach to its customers, consumers and the environment . With these responsibilities at all levels in the organization, ELMACH shall continue to strive for excellence in packaging to extend shelf-life, lower packaging costs and increase product – efficacy and marketability.

To know more about ELMACH and its range of blister packing and cartoning machines, please visit us at www.elmach.com or drop us an e-mail at sales@elmach.com or sudishsukumaran@elmach.com